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The concrete aim of this project is “to e-train people with physical disabilities for home based employment by means of e-learning and introduce them to virtual working environment and let them actually work at their home”.

In a narrower scale, a major problem for disabled people is to get into or maintain a connection to the labour market. In recent times, all effort has been put to force disabled people in traditional work. So, they have to take bus every morning, go to work and tackle with all well known physical obstacles all day long. Moreover about 45% of non-working persons with disabilities and facing work restrictions consider that they would need some form of assistance to work in such conventional places.

However, if these people are employed in the form of "home based", then they will not suffer, their productivity will increase. Furthermore, due to booming technology and IT phenomena, distant learning and e-employment are growing in an exponential manner. Considering the current globalization and market conditions and resulting competition in almost all different fields of service sectors, e-working is becoming more common everyday; drafting, detailing, graphics, Web design, Office support service sectors are also based on personal time, knowledge and effort. Hence, disabled people with mobility limitation are the most suitable part of the population which confirms to this new working style. Philosophy of this project is the innovation and verification of new employment channels where someone can talk about “an advantage of being disabled in this unique virtual business channel(s)”, and e-train them in these channels.

Furthermore, it is also stated that even it looks that the unemployment rate among the disabled is not higher than that for the non-disabled, this is possibly because of the ‘discouraged worker’ effect, which means many disabled persons know or believe that they are very unlikely to get a job, so that they do not even attempt to find one and are therefore classified as inactive although they have a work potential.

Hence, the project compromises the programme general objectives by means of supporting people with physical disabilities who will be participants of e-courses in further training activities and help disabled people in integration to the working environment and to a new job. Project also ensures the sustainability of these efforts by introducing the integration of e-learning and e-working in VET e-center.



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