Monday, 12 April 2021
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It is well known that employment has always been a problem for disabled people. There are many challenges that people with disabilities face when they are seeking employment opportunities. Attitudinal barriers and unusual obstacles are the main reasons that people with disabilities are underrepresented in workforce. Under these conditions it is important that to provide disabled people with the same level individual choices opportunities and control in their daily lives as non-disabled people for contemporary societies.

Due to booming technology and IT phenomena, distant learning and e-employment are growing in an exponential manner. This field requires optimum production rate, which is combination of time and cost. The parameter is being the level of depth of the output detail. Considering the current globalization and market conditions and resulting competition in almost all different fields of service sectors which can all be worked out and submitted virtually, that is, worker is not necessarily be moved to job site or employee’s premises. These tasks are also strongly personal time, knowledge and effort oriented. Hence, these kinds of fields are very well suitable for “home based employment”. However, although disabled people with mobility limitation are the most suitable part of the population which confirms to this new trend from the most aspects while forming more than 10% of European population, there is not a real development targeting this group in this new field of training and employment.

So, working-from-home online jobs can be the solution for disabled person’s professional and personal life. Furthermore “virtual working” as a home based online job will also be suitable to work from home.


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