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Testimonials from Spanish target group, by FEPAMIC...

E-Life project aims are to increase professional competences  from disabled people to become virtual assistants. This will be made  through e-training on key specialties (CADD, MS OFFICE, ADOBE, WEB DESIGN, OTHER OFFICE UTILITIES…) suitable for self-employment. The training also will provide a full  description of methodologies and procedures  to become a successful virtual assistant. What do you think about ? Do you think that this opportunity is suitable for you ?

“It’s a very interesting opportunity…e- training and support to become a virtual assistant  can increase my opportunities to get and employment and to become my own boss…”
(Male, 24 years old, physical disability)

“I find really the training very interesting, because of my disability, I face a lot of barriers to attend  any training course…so , to do some training from home it very nice…
(Female , 19 years old , physical disability)

“ Today,  as far as I know, the support  of enterprising  initiative  and entrepreneurship is a key topic in all European countries , so I suppose this project is supporting this aim… “ 
(Male, 31 years old, physical disability)

“Training seems to be interesting, so I will try…, despite the fact  that it is really difficult to become  entrepreneur because a lot of different  legal and administrative requirements, anyway I will  see… “
(Females, 25 years old, physical disability)

“I decided to leave my former employment because the barriers that I had to face everyday to reach my workplace and even the internal barriers in the company…for me it’s a interesting opportunity to get new professional skills…” 
(Female, 22 years old, physical disability)



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