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e-LIFE Benefits

The concrete aim of e-LIFE is “to e-train people with physical disabilities for home based employment by means of e-learning and introduce them to virtual working environment and let them actually work at their home”. In a narrower scale, a major problem for disabled people is to get into or maintain a connection to the labour market. In recent times, all effort has been put to force people with disabilities in traditional work. e-LIFE will change the traditional concept of going to work/office every day by making the most of home-based employment.

This project addresses to people with disabilities. What are the REAL benefits for you when you work from home? Apart from being your own boss, which strengthens your self-confidence and makes you feel even better, here are ten more benefits for YOU:

1. You choose a job you like

Working at home means doing what you love except getting paid to do it. It’s easy to turn your hobby or interest into a money making scheme. Doing something you enjoy also gives you more drive and it gives you more reason to produce quality service and products. The possibilities are endless for a home business as long as you have the determination to do it. Doing something you love makes the work more fulfilling.

2. You control your work hours

Being your own boss means having control when you work. You don’t have to drag yourself to wake up early morning or stay at the office to finish your task. You set your own deadlines and you make your own schedule. You can also mix in your leisure time anytime you want when things get a little too stressful. That actually means that you also have time to care about your health more e.g taking medicines on time, physiotherapy etc.

3. You have more time for your loved ones

Aside from your personal time, you also get to have a closer relationship with your family since you can be with them anytime you want. You can also get them involved in your family business so they’ll know what you are doing. You and your loved ones will surely be happier if you have more time to spend together. It gives you a more visual reason to work harder.

4. You set how much you’ll earn

Doing a home business means that you control your money. You determine the expenses and you get to control how much you can earn.

5. No more commuting

This is the most difficult thing for people with disabilities : commuting. It is a real adventure trying to reach office in the morning or leaving it in the afternoon, especially when the city you live in, is not designed for these situations. Working from home also gives you less expenses for tickets, taxis, fuel etc.

6. Less expenses

When you work in an office the chances that you’ll spend in a day is greater. When you are in your office, you spend for your food you consume in a day. By working at home, you get to save on your food and you get to live healthier as well.

7. You decrease stress

You never heard any home business owner talking about stress. Since you don’t have any boss, you can do what you can without the pressure. Working from home will surely save you from the stress in a typical office setup.

8. Less negative influences

When you work alone, you are free from the pressures of your co-workers who sadly influence you to slack off or decrease your enthusiasm for work. Productive people will likely be converted to be a slacker by those who have no enthusiasm for work. Working from home would make it easy for you to work harder as long as you think positive.

9. Less health deterioration

When you work from home, you’ll be a lot healthier. How? You avoid getting sick when using public transportation every day.

You also get to watch what you are eating since you are at home as opposed to not eating or being always in a hurry when eating during the breaks in an office. As a result, working from home saves you money by cutting down your medical expenses since you get to live healthier.

10. You control your work environment

A home business owner gets to design his or her own workspace and have your own set of rules. You can dress the way you want, work wherever you want, no matter how you want to do it.



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